Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

School Cleanup

As summer comes to an end, it's time for the preparations to start in anticipation for the student's return back to school! While kids gather their school suppl... READ MORE

An Easy Solution To Those Pesky Carpet Stains

It does not take much for a carpet to start to appear stained and dirty, especially in an office or commercial building. With all the crazy weather that comes ... READ MORE

Offices Left With Standing Water

Leaking water heaters are not uncommon, and, as you can see in this photo, they can cause a lot of damage to a business. After this company experienced a leak ... READ MORE

Standing Water Left on Waiting Room Carpet

This business experienced a major water loss after the water heater began to leak in their offices. Many rooms were left with standing water and completely sat... READ MORE

Extensive Water Damage to a Local Offices

This commercial building experienced extensive water damage after a water supply line broke on a piece of equipment within the building. The damage spread to a... READ MORE

Water Leak Threatens to Shut Down Manufacturing Operation

After this company found an extensive water leak that originated from their laboratory, they called in SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties to tackle th... READ MORE