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SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties Sponsors Stop The Bleed Trauma Station

Clark Goodman, one of our Business Development Coordinators and member of our Local Emergency Preparedness Committee, teamed up with Sarah Dinwiddie with Carilion Clinic and Charlene Vail, the Coordinator of Health Services for Roanoke County Public Schools, to organize our sponsorship of a Stop the Bleed Trauma station in one of our local schools!  

2019 Guns and Hoses Charity Hockey Game

Every year SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties teams up with the Norwinski Insurance Agency to sponsor the Chuck a Puck event at the annual Guns and Hoses Charity Hockey Tournament.  This year the lucky winner won a Vizio TV that is pictured above!

Newly certified IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technicians

To start off the new year, SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties hosted an IICRC course for Water Damage Restoration at our Salem Facility.  Out of the 16 people enrolled in the course, 15 were from our franchise.  We are proud to say that not only did that course have a 100% pass rate, but our team now has 15 newly certified water damage restoration technicians!

SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Cos. Celebrates Work Anniversaries

We had a lot to celebrate this Tuesday at our weekly morning meeting, and among that was the celebration of 6 of employees celebrating work anniversaries in the month of January.  Pictured above from left to right is Tony Terry celebrating 10 years, Cindy Campbell celebrating 3 years, Shawn Lancaster celebrating 1 year, and Mason Walker celebrating 6 years with SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties!  Not pictured above is Clare holt celebrating 4 years, and Christian Crawford celebrating 3 years with our franchise!

Rail Yard Dawgs Game!

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties had the day off.  About 40 members of the team took the day to all go to the local Rail Yard Dawgs Game together!  What a great way to spend a day off!

Carpet Cleaning Progress

This picture shows the beginning progress of a carpet cleaning on a carpet that had gone through many years of wear and tear.  Our carpet cleaning technicians have more processes to go through before the carpet will be finished, but you can see the difference the initial cleaning makes right off the bat!

Quinn and Lisa Mongan: Salem Kiwanis Humanitarians of the Year

We are proud to announce the owners of SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski County, Lisa and Quinn Mongan, have been honored by the Kiwanis Club of Salem as the Humanitarians of the Year.  This award stands, "For Selfless Dedication to Fellow Human Beings in Their Time of Need," and was presented by our own Lisa Bain.

Mason Walker Wins 2018 Industry Excellence Award

Congratulations to our own Mason Walker for winning the 2018 Industry Excellence Award from the New River Valley Apartment Council!  The award was presented by Stephanie M. Weeks with the NRV Apartment Council.  Way to go Mason! 

Looking For a Career Change?

SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties is looking for Production Technicians for our office in Salem. If you or anyone you know is interested, please visit our Careers Page for more information!

A Hidden Gem

Following a devastating fire to a local home, there was not much that could be salvaged except for this cherished stuffed unicorn that belonged to one of the children who lived there.  while it was covered with thick soot from the fire, our contents cleaning team was able to make it like brand new so it could be returned to it's rightful owner.  

Local Road Closures Due to Rising Rivers and Flash Flooding

We are still seeing the effects of Hurricane Florence, so it is important to stay tuned in to all local news and weather channels for any information of road closures and flash flooding alerts! 

Rockin Our Tees!

We have our whole SERVPRO team out Rockin their Tees today to show our support for the families impacted by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Virginia!

Check out their website from the link above, and their Facebook page here!

Rug Cleaning

To get these rugs back to their best shape following a water damage, they must first have all the water extracted from them.  Following the extraction or drying process, these rugs will go through a thorough cleaning process before being returned.

Tossing Water Damaged Items

Part of cleaning up a water damage is getting rid of the contents that cannot be saved.  We take care of getting rid of any unwanted items left behind from a water damage, so you do not have to!

Green Team Hard at Work

After this home experienced a water damage, Dakota and Cindy were on the job ensuring that no moisture was left behind.  This is important for preventing future damage and mold growth.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Following a fire damage, it is important that there is a diligent cleaning to get rid of any of the fire and smoke residues throughout the building.  If it is not done properly, the unpleasant smell can remain.

Green Caravan

Following a fire damage at this local College, our team was proud to arrive in our trusty green caravan to help make this fire damage, "Like it never even happened."

All Smiles

Following the crazy rainstorms and flooding a few weeks ago, our team is still getting called in to help clean up the damages to local homes.  Robert and Xavier are all smiles after making this damage, "Like it never even happened."

Air Duct Cleaning

After a fire broke out in this University's research facility, they were in need of a deep clean to get rid of all the smoke residue.  This included an air duct cleaning so that none of the smoke remained circulation from the Air Duct systems throughout the building.

Moldy Ceiling Tile From Leaky Pipe

After a customer found water dripping from the ceiling of her garage due to a leaky pipe, she called in our team to check out the damage.  Upon further inspection, the ceiling tiles affected by the water leak had developed a mold growth that needed to be taken care of.

Pottery Studio Cleanup

This college art studio is being repurposed for a new program, so they called on SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties to clean up all the thick red clay that was matted on the walls, as well as the red dust that covered the ceiling and walls!

WFXR Fox Interviews Kevin Lancaster

During the crazy storm events that led to much of our local area experiencing flooding, Sophia Borrelli with WFXR Fox spoke with our Kevin Lancaster on tips for dealing with all the flood damages going on in our area

Mold Growth Spreads Throughout Home

This sitting home has been the perfect environment for mold growth for long enough that the mold has spread to almost every room.  This home had been left unattended, and there were plants that had started sprouting through the carpeting.

Mold Growth In Local Basement

After water seeped into the basement of this home, mold growth started to cover the rooms and contents all throughout the lower level.  Once mold has an environment where it can grow, it does not take long for it to start to spread rapidly.

Tuesday Morning Meetings!

Every Tuesday Morning our team gets together for an all-company meeting.  We discuss safety protocol and issues, go over current events, and do an overall check-in.  This keeps our team united and up to date from week to week!

Basement Experiences Large Spread of Mold Growth

This damp, cool basement became home to a large spread of mold growth that affected many of the contents within the area.  These books are examples of some of the affected contents.

Storm Leaves Standing Water in Basement

After heavy rains consisted for a week straight in our local area, this home's sump pump could no longer keep up with the inflowing water.  Pictured is the standing water that needed to be extracted before further damage could occur.

Water Damage Leaves Wooden Floors Warped

After this home experienced a water loss, these wooden floors were left warped and damaged beyond repair.  The longer water sits on wooden floors, the harder it is to completely dry them out and salvage them.

Water Extraction in Action

Here is our team working hard to get all of the excess water in this commercial building extracted.  This commercial building suffered this water damage in their storage facility, and they needed it dried up as soon as possible.

Continuing Education Course

Our own Lisa Bain taught a wonderful continuing education course on the Restorative Drying For Water Damages topic.  It was the perfect rainy day to go along with the topic of the class. 

Storm Causes Tree to Fall on Home

After a severe thunderstorm caused a tree to fall on the back of this local home, water damage seeped inside due to the damage that was done to the roof and siding on the house.

Our Team in Action Post Storm

After a large storm affected many homes in the area, our team has been working diligently to help take care of all the damages left behind.  Here is one of our team members extracting water from a home that experienced flood damage in their basement.

Storm Ready

Following all the crazy weather and storm we have experienced in the past year, we want you all to know we are here to help!  Rain or shine, our teams is always ready to help make your storm damages, "Like it never even happened."

100 Ft. Oak Tree Falls on House Post Storm

After this home experienced a storm with heavy winds in the area, a 100 ft. oak tree was left poking through their ceiling.  The damage penetrated the roofing and into the top level bedroom.

Soot Strands Left by a Fire

These strange black webs are actually called soot strands.  These are commonly left behind following a situation where there is a lot of smoke in a home.  They are a fine black particle, mostly composed of carbon, oil, wood, or other fuels.

Aftermath of a Fire

Fires leave behind a thick residue of soot even after they are put out.  After this home experienced a fire, they were left with extensive smoke damage throughout the house.  It is important that all the residue gets completely cleaned off of all surfaces, and the air purified to rid of the foul odor that can be left behind.

Hallway Completely Burned

This destructive fire was caused by a cigarette that was improperly disposed of.  The fire ripped through the first level of their home leaving everything in it's path affected.  

Water Damage Leaves Business With a Large Mess

A local business was left with a large mess after they had a water pipe break in their building.  The water sprayed throughout the evening which resulted in their ceiling collapsing in certain areas.  SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties was able to get to the scene within 30 minutes of receiving the call and started extracting the excess water.  The faster we can get to a water damage, the more money is saved in damages. 

RVFF Charity Golf Tournament

Saturday May 5th was a beautiful day for the Roanoke Valley Firefighters Foundation Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  Despite the forecast of rain, our team enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and golf!

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup!

After a commercial business suffered water damage, they were left with a lot of excess water in their warehouse area.  Our team is working to get this company back into their facility as soon as possible!  

Commercial Flooding!

Following an aggressive rainstorm, this local manufacturer was left with a huge mess!  The company was in the middle of getting their roof repaired when the storm ran its course.  

Carpet Cleaning in Action!

This is our crew midway through a commercial carpet cleaning!  There is a clear difference between the section that has been thoroughly cleaned and the section they have not yet reached.  

CE classes in full swing

Our own Mason Walker teaching a CE course on Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry at beautiful SpringHill Suites in Roanoke.  We were thankful for all those in attendance for our dual class on Mold and Restorative Drying for Water on this rainy day!

Lisa Bain awarded the 2017 Service Before Self Award

Lisa Bain, SERVPRO of Roanoke, Montgomery & Pulaski Co. was awarded the 2017 Service Before Self Award from the Rotary Club of Salem VA.  We are so proud of Lisa and thank her for her endless service to our community.  It is a honor to work with people that put Community Service before themselves!

Here we GROW again!

Here we grow again!  In order to provide additional services to our customers, SERVPRO of Roanoke has added an additional 24,000 Sq Ft of space!  We are expanding our contents cleaning department, warehouse and office space!  

SERVPRO suports our Roanoke Rampage

The Roanoke Rampage Fire and Police Football Team is made up of professional fire, police, EMS and public safety workers throughout Roanoke and the New River Valley. The Roanoke Rampage football team was formed to raise money for local charities while playing competitive football in the National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL). All players, coaches, and team assistants are strictly volunteers.



Continuing Education

SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties places the highest importance on continuing the education of our dedicated crew members. We want to ensure our staff is the most knowledgeable in the field when it is your home and belongings on the line. Our ultimate goal as a company is to best serve our customers in their restoration needs and invest in our employees. This is a commitment we take seriously, and a bar we will continue to reach and raise as we grow.

2016 Heritage Bronze Award

SERVPRO Corporate honored SERVPRO of Roanoke with the 2016 Heritage Bronze Award for outstanding sales!  We are so excited that word our quality workmanship is spreading!

Thanks to our highly quality staff for making this happen!

Employee Certifications

Our newest Certified Employees. Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to continuing education to ensure we stay the BEST!

Employee Certifications

2015 Employee Certifications! Our employees continue to increase their knowledge by getting certified in IIRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) and/or ECTP (Employee Certification Training Program). Thank you all for ensuring we maintain our high standards of certified employees. We continue to have the most knowledgeable employees in the Restoration business!

SERVPRO Veterans

SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties honor our own Vets representing the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the US Army

SERVPRO's on site training facility

SERVPRO believes in training its crew. In our 46 seat training facility our crew receives certification training on a regular basis. We also offer this room to community groups, as well as provide Continuing Education for Insurance Agents at no cost!

Desiccant Dehumidifier

Newest "tool" in our toolbox - desiccant dehumidifier. Large water loss has met it's match.

On Site Contents Storage

We have our own on-site contents storage facility. You can have peace of mind that your contents are safe in a climate controlled, secure location, while your home is being restored after fire or smoke damage.